Mystery signal update

My last report indicated the mystery signal had moved below 5Mhz. After that report, the signal had moved back to between 5.050 and 5.180Mhz, however, this range is not constant. When the signal first appears, around 0400Z, I have noticed the sweep speed of it is very rapid and after a few minutes it slows down to its normal, slower rate. The signal also seems to start above 5.4Mhz and slides down in frequency very rapidly before slowing down and locking into a certain bandwidth.

Others shortwave listeners have reported online they too have been monitoring this strange signal and have reported it has been active on the air for a few years now. Another common report is that no one knows what this may be or what it’s purpose is. One fact does remains, this is a controlled signal.

The video above is a recording showing just how quickly this signal sweeps when it first comes on the air.



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